Our menu changes daily depending on the best ingredients available and what’s in season. All our dishes are cooked from scratch and are made with love.

If you have a particular dietary requirement, please let us know at the time of booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Please note, the menu below is a sample and it may differ on the day you visit.

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Zuppa del Giorno - £7.95

Freshly made soup with mixed vegetables and herbs

Lonza di Manzo- £8.95

Cured thin sliced Sardinian pork loin with pan seared oyster mushrooms, shavings of Grana cheese and garnished with finely chopped salad


Steamed cod dressed with extra virgin olive oil and parsley topped with courgette a’ scapece - courgettes that have been fried then marinated with white wine vinegar and mint

BURRATA - £8.95

Burrata cheese from Puglia (mozzarella with a creamy centre) served with fresh vine cherry tomatoes and sea salt infused olives

Polpetto affogato - £8.95

Stewed baby octopus with chopped potatoes and black olives served in a rich cherry tomato sauce

Insalata di fegato - £6.95

Charcoal grilled Scottish calf liver marinated with braised red onions and balsamic vinegar from Modena

served cold


home-made pasta



GNOCCHI DI Patata - £8.95 / 12.95

Potatoes and flour gnocchi tossed with broad bean puree and shavings of Pecorino Sardo

Ravioli - £8.95 / 12.95

Ravioli with daily fresh made filling tossed with butter and fresh sage


Crunchy fresh lasagne sheets served with bechemel sauce made with friarielli (Neapolitan bitter broccoli), oyster mushrooms, provola (smoked mozzarella cheese) and garnished with crispy kale.

ORECCHIETTE - £9.95 / 13.95

Pasta tossed with oxtail and shin of Scottish beef ragù in a rich tomato and basil sauce finished with mature Pecorino cheese shavings.

Fregola - £9.95 / £13.95

Fregola -typical Sardinian pasta infused with squid ink cooked with cherry tomatoes and fresh mussels

Srtigoli - £9.95 / 13.95

Fresh pasta with stewed lentils and chopped Italian pork sausage that is infused with fennel


main dishes


Maiale - £13.95

Pork belly with crisp skin , sous -vide cooked and served with apple sauce finished off with honey and fresh thyme

Agnello - £13.95

slow cooked lamb shoulder with onions and bay leaves served with a soft polenta.

Sogliola- £15.95

Rolled sole fillets in a homemade fish stock, peas and beaten egg Verdecch (typical recipe from Puglia).

PEPERONE - £11.95

Peppers stuffed with aromatic bread infused with parsley, olives, capers and mozzarella.

GUAZZETTO - £12.95

Chickpeas stew with fresh mussels, hake , olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs.

Calamari- £13.95

Charcoal grilled squid served with a saute’ of pepper, black olives and capers


side dishes


ALL £3.95

Roasted potatoes and root vegetables

Mixed leaf salad

Pizza Margherita available for children only £8.95





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Served with bread or biscuits